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This is no Fish Story

On Saturday October 3rd, the Gateway Optimist club took 54 students from Fletcher Intermediate, Jewell Elementary, and Laredo Elementary Schools on a fishing trip to a private lake near Chatfield Reservoir. The students baited their hooks reeled out their lines and waited patiently for the colorful rainbow trout to take their bait. The quiet stillness of the fall day was broken by excited shouts of "I've got a fish!"

After a morning of fishing the students, Optimist Club members, teachers, and principals walked to a shelter where the Optimist Club provided a scrumptious lunch. The students resumed fishing when two girls from Laredo caught the giant catfish. Everyone stopped fishing to get a view of the catfish, whose head was the size of a bowling ball. Fortunately for the catfish, we were only fishing for trout so the giant catfish was released to live out its life. But the thrill of that catch will live on in everyone's memory.

At the end of the day we all loaded back onto the bus with our treasured trout and new fishing pole provided by the parks department. The students exclaimed that their favorite part of the day was the giant catfish and catching fish themselves on their very own pole.

The Gateway Optimist Club, under the guidance of the president Cliff McDougal, arranged the whole fishing outing. The Gateway Optimist Club works on fundraising activities during the year to provide a variety of enriching activities for young people. Some of the activities are the fishing trip, essay contest, Christmas parties for the children's home and awards ceremony at Laredo Elementary School. The Gateway Optimist Club meets each Wednesday morning at 7am at the Village Inn on Mississippi and 225.

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